How to Become a Freelancer – Interim Digital’s Freelancer Survival Guide is Here!

Feb 7, 2023 | Tips & Tricks

You know the one thing that every single human on the face of the planet has in common when it comes to freelance? There’s never a right time. The truth hurts but no matter how much budget planning, contract securing, financial forecasting or late night pre-freelancing planning you do there will always be things that crop up that you hadn’t considered when researching how to become a freelancer.

The beauty of our freelancer community is that we’ve all been there, we’ve all done it and we all have the dishevelled t-shirt to go with the transition from full-time to freelancing. Whether you’re a an SEO’er looking to live the consultant life or a PPC’er looking for contract work, our freelance guide has been put together to help you.

Working as a freelancer in the UK

One thing you will learn very quickly when you start to explore the idea of going freelance is that, despite the fact you may have several years of experience under your belt in agency life that doe        sn’t mean you know diddly squat about the ins and outs of setting up as self-employed freelancer.

What can our guide teach you about becoming a freelancer?

This first guide in our new freelance content series is perfect for those who are in the embryonic stages of going freelance. We cover several topics that are vital to get your head round in the early stages including:

  • Links to important information from HMRC
  • Platforms to help you manage your time and productivity
  • Steps to take to manage invoicing
  • Tips for helping with wellness.

Take your first step to working as a freelancer…STAT!

So, what are you waiting for? You’ve had the idea to go freelance, check. You’ve got some freelance work in the pipeline, check. And now you have FREE access to critical inside information to get you started…CHECK!

As we said at the start, there is never a “good time” to go freelance but if we can help soften the blow by pulling together useful information into one handy guide then you’re already off to a good start!

Don’t be a stranger

At Interim we’re here to create a sense of culture and community without the need for being an employee. We look out for each other and are here to answer questions and share stories to help the community, whether you’re a freelancer newb or veteran, feel part of a team.

If you have any questions about what it takes to become the next best freelance SEO consultant or self-employed PPC whizz then reach out and we’ll do our best to answer your questions!

Download our freelancer guide for free!

Even if you’re on the fence about going freelance, our guide can help answer some of the less talked about questions.

Download it here for free and turn those ideas into actions today:

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