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Being a freelancer means branching out on your own and that self-reliance is one of the things that draws us to working this way. But what if there was another way? What if you could still be a freelancer, still take your own path and make your own working life, but also be a part of a vibrant community of like-minded colleagues?

That’s what makes Interim Digital different. We’re not a platform where you can just find freelance work by competing against other people. We’re a community for freelancers and together we are much stronger than we would be on our own.


of all Gen Z workers are freelancers

Join the Freelance Revolution

All of our freelancers have either come from an agency background or brand background and have chosen to not only fly solo but also join our community. They’ve done that because they know that we’re a freelancer-first agency run by people who understand the fears and challenges that come with freelancing, so we treat everyone as part of our team.

In essence, we’re creating an agency culture without you needing to make the commitment of becoming an employee. No cringe-inducing team-building sessions, no all-day meetings, no tea rounds, just a community of like-minded individuals with a common purpose.

Our community is our lifeblood and we’re careful about who we let into it, so every potential new freelancer is vetted to make sure that they’re a good fit and add value to what we can offer our clients.

If this sounds like it’s the best of both worlds, that’s what we’re aiming for. All the freedom of freelancer life with all the benefits of being part of something bigger. So why not join us?

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How it works

Experience Check

All ID’s must be either former agency or in-house digital marketing experts 

No AI, Only the Human Eye

At ID “paper experience” only goes so far; culture, community and the desire to be your best is what really counts. The only way to understand this is in person so we screen every potential ID via video or in person

Welcome to the Family!

If the stars align and the boxes are ticked both on paper and in person you will be invited to join the ID family and given your own unique ID.

Let the Fun Begin…

Once you’ve been onboarded you’ll be added to the community and will be eligible to apply for any briefs that are posted out as well as engage in community knowledge sharing, freelancer referral schemes and more…!

Creating a Sense of Community Without Having to be an Employee

Our perks will include discounts for the kinds of tools and platforms that come as standard when working for an agency but are often out of the budget for freelancers.

We’ll also be running knowledge sharing workshops so our freelancers can learn from the incredible skills and experiences contained within our community.

You’ll get the chance to contribute content towards our own Interim.Digital content strategy, while we’ll run freelancer awards to showcase the very best work our community has done.

And finally, you can already benefit from bringing someone else into this community for freelancers. Simply tell them how great it is here and when they’ve completed their first project with us, you’ll get £150!

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Why Join Us?

Get Paid On Time, Every Time

No more wondering when or if your invoice will be paid! We run a regular monthly payment process, every month without fail. No smoke and mirrors, only paying you when we say we’re going to pay you…same time, every time. 

Join the Revolution

Awesome Clients Equals Awesome Briefs

As a community of experts in their field, we can attract great clients with interesting projects for you to work on without having to go out pitching for their work.

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And It Doesn’t Stop There…

That all sounds pretty great, right? Well, it’s going to keep on getting better. As our awesome the community continues to grow, we’re planning to introduce some freelancer perks.

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Power in numbers


of employers plan to outsource more work to freelancers


of freelancers work in associate & technical occupations


Nearly 50% of Brits Freelanced through 2020-21


of Freelancers think they made the right career move

We love our clients and they love us

Interim Digital couldn’t have been better throughout the briefing process!

“No matter how much internal resource we manage to recruit, there’s always that time when we need something that no one has the time (or expertise) to deliver. That’s where Interim step in. They know our brand and our business well enough to help when we really need it most but we don’t have to pay them to sit idle when we don’t – everyone wins!”
Vicky Kerridge - Head of Consumer Experience and Brand - ZenAuto

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Join Our Freelance Revolution

If you’re a freelance digital marketing expert with the skills our clients need, we want to hear from you! Whether you’ve just jumped ship from agency to freelance or were a WFH whizz kid long before lockdown, apply to join our community of talented freelancers to work on diverse projects across all digital disciplines.

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If you’re an agency or brand looking for immediate support across your digital marketing projects you’re in the right place! Interim Digital is the perfect partner for helping navigate times when your internal teams need a helping hand.

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