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Having an integrated digital strategy means making sure each aspect of your digital marketing is working cohesively instead of having various digital silos operating independently of each other. That approach is still surprisingly common and leads to so many missed opportunities and an overall weaker digital presence. But how can you bring these strands back together under one strategy that delivers? You need the help of a digital strategy consultant who has the knowledge and know-how to bring together paid and organic SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, PPC and more into a strategy that makes the most of them individually and together. Luckily, we know more than a few. We’ve got a community of these digital strategy consulting experts and we can work with you and your teams to create an integrated digital strategy to transform your marketing results.

Our community is awesome at:

Multi-Channel Audit

One of the first steps a Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant can take for you is to conduct an audit of your existing channels and identify the strengths and weaknesses that need to be taken into consideration for an integrated strategy. They can also advise whether you are using the right channels and where the focus of spend should be to get better results (for example, more in PPC and less in social media or vice versa).

Cross Channel Gap Analysis

A gap analysis is an opportunity for you to take advantage of our digital strategy consulting expertise to identify where you and your team might be missing a trick with your existing digital marketing. We’ve found that bringing in an outside perspective can often be the best way to find gaps that internal teams might miss.

Digital Landscape Review

As an established presence, you probably think you know exactly who yours or your clients main competitors are. But often this landscape can look very different when it comes to the digital world and we can help your teams understand who you’re really up against and where you can gain a competitive advantage.

KPI Defining

When bringing together various strands of digital marketing into one integrated strategy, one challenge can be coming up with realistic KPIs. We can help your teams define these and understand what they should actually be rather than what you think they should be, based on your budgets, platforms and targets.

How will it work for you?

Our freelance digital strategy consultancy services mean that your teams can bring in our trusted experts to help guide you through the process of creating an integrated digital strategy that will help to deliver the results you’re looking for. We’ll help fine-tune and optimise your teams digital marketing strategies and identify where your best opportunities are for growth.

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“Interim Digital provided me and my teams with unparalleled strategic direction, enabling us to achieve our digital objectives. With an ability to not only meet, but surpass expectations, Interim Digital were the first people we called when we required an interim Senior Manager.” Kira Feather-Stracey – Head of Content & Online PR at Search Laboratory

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“No matter how much internal resource we manage to recruit, there’s always that time when we need something that no one has the time (or expertise) to deliver. That’s where Interim step in. They know our brand and our business well enough to help when we really need it most but we don’t have to pay them to sit idle when we don’t – everyone wins!”
Vicky Kerridge - Head of Consumer Experience and Brand - ZenAuto

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