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May 16, 2023 | Freelancer Perks, Company News

Co Working Spaces in Harrogate & Leeds

Our Community spoke so we actioned! Our latest and most exciting Freelancer Perk has landed; a collaboration with the fabulous co-working community, Wizu Workspace.

Creating a sense of community without the need for being an employee is something we’re working really hard on at Interim and a huge part of that is growing our Freelancer Perk Scheme. As we all know as Freelancers, when we leave the cosy nest egg of agency life we also leave behind advantages such as tools at our finger tips, HR departments, Accounts Teams, employee perks such as gym memberships and private health. However, whilst all these are vitally important to our every day working, none are more so than the buzz of office life.

Our Founder, Ginny Nicholls, felt this especially having worked exclusively from home since going freelance in 2017.

“At first is was an amazing novelty to work from home. The lack of commute gave me so much time back and spending the day at home, a stones throw from family and being able to do wholesome things like go for a run mid-morning and take the dog for a walk in the afternoon were great in the beginning. However, as time progressed and the Pandemic hit working from home became extremely claustrophobic.

The biggest disadvantage for me is that my work space is set up in our living room so making that switch from work to home on an evening is really tricky. At the start of this year I decided a change was needed. I didn’t need a full office but I also really craved somewhere that was buzzy, had a similar culture to agency life and was walkable from home; Wizu ticked every box! I knew after my first taster days that they were just what I needed to break the cycle, give me back some mojo and get me out of my sitting room, no matter how cosy it might be!”

Who are Wizu and Why Were They the “Chosen Ones” for Interim’s Co-Working Community Perk?

We chatted to Jamie Lea, the Community Manager at Wizu to help bring to life what makes them so different to other co-working spaces and why they make the perfect choice for Freelancers and business owners alike:

As Community Manager at Wizu Workspace what do you love the most about working here and what do you think makes Wizu Workspace stand out from other co-working spaces?

I love our family of Wizu members, it really is them that create the pulse of our centres. Wizu has become a flexible workspace provider with a difference – we have the personal touch. We know our members, and they know us.

As a brand, we don’t want to be the biggest – we want to be the best. Our members are not numbers, they’re part of the family and that connection we have sets us aside from other providers. 

We are design led and our centres offer a place where you can be inspired, network and achieve. Without our members, our centres are just bricks & mortar. Other providers may have similar offerings, but they’re not us.

Wizu Workspace are kindly offering the Interim community 3 free taster days PLUS 50% off their first 2 months membership if they choose either a full or part time co-working package. Talk us through what’s included in these and why they’re a fab option for freelancers specifically?

Firstly, both our full-time & part-time packages offer multi-site access to our growing network of centres. Ideal for those working between Sheffield, Harrogate, Leeds…. and now Glasgow. A full-time membership with us allows you 180 hours a month into our co-working spaces (or 90 hours on a part time membership). Once here, you can help yourself to our endless supply of Darkwood’s coffee (always good for those Monday mornings). Teas, juices, treats and good music are a given.

Our space is ideal for those fed up working from home and need a change of scenery. I hear this all the time. It’s a great opportunity for freelancers to connect, not only within their home centre but across all sites via the Wizu portal. We frequently host member events designed to get people collaborating.

During my time at Wizu, it’s been a delight to see members grow from co-workers to taking their very first lease on a private office space.

The Wizu Workspace are going from strength to strength, with new members joining all the time. From your experience what is it that members love the most about the Wizu Workspace once they’ve signed up?

The community. Feedback generally states they wish they had joining us sooner. People’s requirements have changed from the days working from home and we need routine. Some members have said they enjoy the commute from home to the office – something they haven’t done in a long time. Plus, when we close the doors at 17:30 you close your laptop and disconnect for the evening. Always harder to disconnect from work when you’re working from home.

If you had to sum up Wizu in 3 words, what would they be…?

Collaborative. Community. Flexible.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the co-working revolution!

Wizu Workspace currently have 9 co-working and office space locations across Leeds, Harrogate, Sheffield and Yorkshire. To find out more about arranging taster days or signing up you can email them [email protected] or drop them a line on 0113 468 9300.

If you’re an Interim community member already and would like access to your exclusive discount code to be able to benefit from 3 free taster days and 50% off your first 2 months of signing up on either the part or full-time co-working packages email us directly quoting “WIZU PERK”.

If you’re interested in finding out more about joining our community of freelancers or you’re an agency looking for digital marketing freelancers contact us today.

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